Saturday, 18 January 2020

Meeting on the EL project (Expeditionary Learning)

EiC starts implementing a new project. As part of the Erasmus + program, together with partners from Wales, Poland and Turkey, in 2019-2022 we will implement the "Expeditionary Learning" project. On January 17-18, we met in Krakow to plan the first activities that EiC should implement.

Main reason

the project is to use expeditionary teaching and learning in schools,

understood as pedagogy, a philosophical approach to teaching and learning processes, based on learning through experience, and also as a methodology of teaching and learning, in order to:
a / providing teachers with good examples, methods, techniques / tools that increase the attractiveness of the lesson, connection with real life and employment problems, and involvement of all students, learning and well-being,
b / offer teachers an approach to school education, teaching and learning processes, enabling interdisciplinary contacts and raising key competences, communication and research skills in a diverse, multicultural and globalized world,
c / shaping attitudes of openness and cooperation, supporting democratic processes and civil society in an integrated Europe,
d / building a systemic organizational culture, supporting the development of the whole school and institutional learning, enabling an interdisciplinary approach to working at school, problem solving and sharing responsibility for learning with multiple actors.

We will work with 6 schools in Wales, Turkey and Poland and plan to reach over 110 teachers and over 1700 students in these schools through the project activities. Stakeholders will be supported by 3 organizations, 1 in Wales, 1 in Turkey and 1 in Poland, having the knowledge, understanding and skills to promote the development of Expeditionary Learning (EL) methodology through student-centered activities.

About EIC

Association “Expedition Inside Culture” is a new, but energetic and quickly developing organization with worldwide connections. Formally established in January 2003, since year 2001 a group of young teachers and students from Zabrze, southern Poland (Upper Silesia region), have organized international education projects for youths. Among our partners we had schools and universities from Romania, Lithuania, Ukraine, Germany, U.S.A., Slovakia and Poland. Each year in different region in central Europe we establish a scientific, intercultural expedition to explore and learn about its culture, architecture, ethnic groups, historical background, religion and local customs.