We are talking about exclusion in the ZSEU in Zabrze.


In some of the schools involved the project we talk intensively about exclusion. For example, in the School of Economics and Services in Zabrze, the group running the project, which includes teachers of mathematics, physics, German, geography, as well as a teacher and psychologist, have already met three times.

The first idea to carry out project activities in only one class was rejected and it was decided to be carried out throughout the school. In two classes, meetings on the subject of exclusion were organized using the World Cafe method. Students discussed what is exclusion? Examples of exclusion in history were sought (in the world, in Poland). They talked about whether anyone was excluded in our school or class and how to stop the exclusion (in country, school or class). All teachers agreed to conduct meetings with their classes in this form. This will happen until the end of November, so that collected information can discussed before meetings with parents.